wishing for you…


three months

{ August 2012 }

Our scripture verse for our Uga-babe(s) this month is in Psalms, chapter 139 again:

9 If I rise with the sun in the east 
       and settle in the west beyond the sea,
10 even there you would guide me. 
       With your right hand you would hold me.

Our prayer is that God will guide and protect our little one(s) in every season of this journey to each other… even now as they wake up in the east in Uganda, to when they “settle” home here in the west in Oregon, and far beyond. In our [deep] longing for them to be in our arms, we are resting in the fact that it is HE who holds them. For what better place is there?!

dear babe(s) of our heart,

We LOVE the beach… your mom and dad’s first kiss was on the beach! :) It will be so much fun taking you there and watching you feel the sand between your toes for the first time, and hold your hand as you feel the COLD pacific waters splash up against you! :)

So in keeping with the “beach theme” this month, our book for them is The Little Engine That Could. I know, this book doesn’t have anything to do with the beach… We chose this book because it was one of my favorite books as a child. It has such a great message in perseverance and believing in oneself. AND it was one in a collection of [my childhood] books that Tim read to me on our “first-kiss date” at the beach, complete with a campfire and sunset. :)

olympic champion!

Congrats to Stephen Kiprotich from UGANDA for winning the Gold medal in the Olympic marathon in 2:08!! WOW!

LONDON — A runner named Kiprotich winning the Olympic marathon? Hardly a surprise.

That he was the one from Uganda and not Kenya? Major surprise.

Stephen Kiprotich rounded a corner with three miles left and simply took off, turning the last mile into a victory lap as he easily captured the marathon Sunday, along with the first medal for Uganda at the London Games.

“People didn’t expect Uganda. They thought Kenya, Ethiopia,” Kiprotich said. “Being unknown, now I’m known.”

Sure is.

Kiprotich won in 2 hours, 8 minutes, 1 second as he pulled away from the Kenyan duo of Abel Kirui and Wilson Kiprotich Kipsang, who was the “Kiprotich” favored in this race. Kirui ended up with the silver while Kipsang held on for bronze just ahead of American Meb Keflezighi.

On a warm afternoon, the marathoners wound their way through a scenic route packed with swarms of fans, breezing past Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, London Bridge and the Tower of London before finishing near Buckingham Palace.

And by the time he neared the finish line, Stephen Kiprotich had such a commanding lead that he grabbed a flag from the stands and wore it on his way to gold.

After finishing, he dropped to his knees, bowed and then raised his hands high over his head.

A moment to cherish because these haven’t happened all that often for Uganda. This was the country’s seventh Olympic medal in any sport and second gold. John Akii-Bua, a 400-meter hurdler, won the other gold 40 years ago in Munich.

“I made history with my people,” Kiprotich said. “They didn’t expect me to win. I was keeping behind them, keeping the fire burning. When they go, they thought they’d left me, but I was there.

“I kept in touch. Later, I said, ‘I believe in myself.’ Then, I made my move.”