{ our heart }

My husband’s and my prayer since the day we became one, written on our wedding program, are the words of David in Psalm 35:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Over the years I have come to understand what I believe this verse really means: When we are delighting in Christ, seeking him and HIS will, his desires for our life will become ours. They will align… Then, while serving in West Africa, we continually asked God to break our hearts with what breaks his. And, as always, He was faithful. :) He opened our eyes even wider to a hurting world and enlarged our capacity to love in ways we never dreamed. We are forever changed.

Now we are home, and as we have sought His direction in growing our family, we believe He is once again aligning our desires with His desires for us… giving us a heart for adoption! So, for us, this is simply our heart’s desire, and following the Lord’s leading for our family. We have so much room in our lives and in our hearts… And SO much love to give…and when there are children without families… here, and around the world… oh be still my heart!… it just makes sense for us. Undeniable sense. We will excitedly welcome bio children one day, if the Lord so wills (just not something we have tried yet. :) But we prayerfully believe God’s wants us to grow our family FIRST through adoption.  And, man oh man, are we SO excited!! And reading everything we can to prepare… we have so much to learn! :)

We also understand God grows each family uniquely to HIS liking, whether through the flesh or through adoption; domestic or international. For us, it is the privilege of parenting a child or two from Uganda. :)  We don’t know what this road looks like or what to expect; nor do we have all the answers… a lifelong quest of learning for sure!  We’re just two imperfect people chasing after the Father’s heart.  And we couldn’t be more happy, excited, elated, over the moon with JOY!!

Thanks for joining us on our journey to our own! As God continues to write our story, we pray it encourages you; and that, above all, HIS glory alone is displayed for all to read and see.

2 thoughts on “{ our heart }

  1. You two are amazing, loving couple and any child will be blessed to call you mom and dad. Our prayers are with you and praying that the wait will not be too terribly long! Love you guys.

  2. We are so excited for you and can’t wait to meet the newest addition/additions when they arrive! Love you soooooo much sister! XOXOXO

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