where we’re {still} at


Well, we are getting really good at waiting friends! Let’s be honest, this was not an area in my life that I wanted to perfect. :) But fortunately His ways are infallible, sweet, and ALWAYS good. So, we continue to wait for a court date. Its been five months since we were blessed with our daughter! And we were told court could take 6 to 8 months. So we are CLOSE, folks!! But can I just tell you that this kind of waiting is HARD at times?


Our baby girl turns TWO in June! So we continue to earnestly pray for a summer court date! We would LOVE for you to join us in praying for this too. Oh how we LONG for her… my lack of writing is not because we are discouraged or disinterested . Its honestly just hard to put into words our hearts during this time. She has filled a space in our hearts that is incomparable. And, at the same time, has created a new void in our life that seems to get bigger and bigger with each passing day…

Yet our hope is in Christ! A risen Lord of all who is ALIVE!

 Thanks for continuing to follow along! And we appreciate your prayers in advance, friends!



pinterest success!

today i created my first Pinterest project!


i’ve been wanting a world map for our home for awhile now, but haven’t found one i’ve really liked. i’ve actually had my eye on the Ikea map, but don’t want to pay $150 for it!


when i came across this diy map on pinterest, i fell in love. :) i love the soft, classic look and canvas style.


i am really pleased and pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! i followed this gal’s super easy tutorial (1. cut  2. wrap  3. glue/tape). i bought the non-laminated Rand McNally classic world map at Barnes & Noble for $7.95. I used two maps so as to cut less out and include most countries. the outside canvases are 12×24, and the center one is 18×24 (craft warehouse has canvases 50% off). it turned out that africa ended up in the center. :)


i especially LOVE how it represents our heart for the nations and our love of travel. <3