made with love

I recently made this for our girl…


her very own board book!


Photos of her family… the faces of those who already deeply love her!


She should be getting this little treasure soon!

I got it in the mail just in time for us to give to our program coordinator before she left for Uganda last week! I don’t know how much our daughter will understand, if any, but we hope she flips through this often– a visual reminder that she has a family, she BELONGS, who love her and can’t wait to have her HOME!

Our main motive and purpose with creating this book is the hope that the pictures help her to “recognize” us when we meet for the first time…  I just can’t imagine how scary it will be for her to be embraced by complete strangers, and mzungus (white man) too! Oh, if only she knew how familiar she is to our hearts! And hopefully the photos will help ease the family introductions later at the airport too. :)


I used “My Custom Story” ( to create it.

We love you baby girl!


waiting here for you

I love how this fellow adoptive momma, Andrea, describes her waiting heart for her son at babeofmyheart:

“Sorry this update isn’t that exciting. Now you know what it’s like to wait in the adoption journey. The updates to being another step closer are such, such fun–but most days…are like this–just waiting. Of course you go on your day to day…chasing kids…going to the park…but all the while–someone is missing…and it feels like a looming cloud over your head…just wanting the other part of your heart to be home. I don’t fully understand the miracle God does in adoption–but I do know that Zeke is part of my heart…and every adoption mom–feels this hole…this emptiness that she can’t describe until her little one is in her arms. While another mom carried our littles–the Lord miraculously birthed a longing deep in our hearts and it feels like loss while they are away from us. We would do anything for the child we wait for. Just as we would for the children we may have carried in our tummies…our heart babies are no different. There is absolutely nothing that this little one could do…absolutely no health problem or issue that would effect a thing…this boy is our son through and through…and it brings me to tears to think that THIS is just an inkling to how our Savior longs for us…His children.”

I couldn’t have said it any better for our sweet girlie!!


the AMAZING organization that we served with in West Africa from 2009-2011 was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes this last Sunday! i think it SO accurately portrays the ministry and its heart. i worked with ali chandra (the nurse interviewed) back in Togo in 2010. we were assistant ward supervisors together. :)

this segment did three things: one, it made my heart swell with pride to have been part of such a ministry… two, it made me so amazed and so very grateful to have had the opportunity that we did; that God so graciously allowed us to be a part of His work through Mercy Ships in that season of our lives… and three, it made me miss it so much more! :)

all glory to God!!

you can watch it HERE. seriously, you don’t want to miss this… :)

not a day goes by

How crazy it is that we can miss someone so deeply whom we’ve never ever met?!

Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you
After all this time you’re still with us it’s true
Somehow you remain locked so deep inside
Baby, baby, oh baby girl, not a day goes by