I am torn.

Half of me wants to stay in Africa and serve her people. I have grown to love so many things about this land over the last two years. I have gained much from Africa. I want to savor these last couple months. I want time to hold still.

The other half of me can’t wait to go home. To go home and start the process to our own. My heart is bursting with excitement and anticipation. April can’t come fast enough.



It’s February. The month the ship is due to arrive. Wow, where did the time go?

I know we will get THE two questions even more once the ship comes:
1. Are you staying or going home?
2. What’s next?

The first answer is easy for now: Home.

The second answer is not so easy. We don’t know where God will lead us, if we settle back into our house in Portland, or where we will get jobs.

But there is ONE thing I know for sure. Without a doubt. We are adopting. He has made that one very clear.

I couldn’t have any more PEACE about it. And the JOY it gives my heart!