grandma + bit o’ africa =

┬áMy dear Grandma of 91 years made me something very special, at my request. She covered four of my throw pillows out of fabric from an African dress I had made in Benin…

I got to take them home this last weekend. I love how the pillows have a little bit o’ my Grandma (who loved to sew and made us dresses every year) mixed in with a bit o’ Africa… so special! And made with such love. :)


pure sweetness

This whole adventure into parenthood is new to us.

Its so fun discovering new things about each other through it. It reminds when we were dating and falling in love with all the little things about each other. I am finding my self falling in-love again, in a whole new way…

Like when I hear my husband PRAY for our CHILDREN… Sweet music to my ears! Oh, how it makes my heart smile.