the letter A

A fun fact about me is that when I married, I not only became a Mrs., but also went from “Z” to “A.” You see, my maiden name began with a Z. :) Growing up and always being last in line alphabetically… the last name called… the end…, I told myself that if/when I marry, I was going to move up in the alphabet. :) And you know what, coincidentally, I did! And to the very top, no doubt! :) God is sure a god of details, isn’t He? I just love it.

I was so pleased with my “A” surname and “moving up.” :) But most of all, I am proud of the name that my husband gave me. I love that I share his name and the family I represent. So, I have the letter A sitting on my living room console table beside family photos. And, well, I also recently picked up another letter A because it was ridiculously cheap on sale. I just couldn’t resist. :)

On to the point of this post… a few days later, I came to the realization that the letter A has come to represent more than our name since that day my name changed forever. Years later, it stands for so much more in our family:

*Alexanders… our family name
*America… our home
*Africa… our heart… where we lived 2.5 incredible years… AND the continent that birthed our children and holds their roots/ heritage.
*Adoption… how our family grew and came to be.

Yep, I think A is our letter. :)


seven… He is faithful

This Sunday (the 18th) we will be celebrating our 7-year wedding anniversary!! Man, do I love my man!! :)

Seven years ago I felt and experienced a joy that I had never known before. My heart was so full and I don’t remember being happier than I was that day, our wedding day. I remember being so confident in the man I was about to marry. I had never been so sure of anything in my life!


As I reflect over the years, we are not where I thought we would be seven years later. In entering this adventure of marriage, I had ideas or tentative plans for the future. Like, I “planned” to work full-time for another three years, to total five years in nursing. And then most likely start growing our family with children after three years of marriage. Tim would be living his dream of working as a police officer. And we would be happy.

But God had other plans. Imagine that? :)


Our first two years were spent working full-time in our careers and the pursuant of Tim’s dream in law enforcement.


Shortly after those first two years, God granted his dream. And we bought our very own house. But, again, He had other plans. God changed my husband’s heart. And soon closed the door. But not without pain or questions. We were left wondering what was next; what DID God intend for our lives??…


…MISSIONS… on a SHIP… in AFRICA!!! After lots of prayer that is what and where God so clearly guided us. We knew that this was it. For God had given us more than we needed over the last four years, we wanted to give it back to Him.


And they were two of the best years of our lives and marriage! The experience taught us so much, opened our heart and eyes in numerous ways, and drew us closer together than we had ever been. We got to see the world together too. :) I have never felt so alive. We are BLESSED and far RICHER for those short two and half years!


And now we are home and entering our 8th year of marriage, desiring to [finally] begin growing our family through adoption first! We will soon be embarking [officially] on this new journey and path that God has also so clearly directed us…


Its not where I thought we would be seven years ago. Nope. Its, in fact, so much better! I know it certainly won’t be easy, nor without pain. Yet, I am so thankful that God’s plans and ways were not mine :)

His Faithfulness never ceases.

one hurdle down


I start September 19th! Yay! This means Tim and I can go away for the weekend over our anniversary on the 18th! God is so good!!

Hoping to start the process come October??!! :) eek!!

for such a time as this

I love how God changes our hearts for what He has in store for us…

When I see my friends or family with their babes, or when I hear them share their dreams of being pregnant and their hopes in a delivery, I am amazed at what God has done in my heart.

If you asked me a few years ago, this was my dream too. I dreamed of pregnancy and a growing belly, wondering what features they will take after me and which from my husband.

Its so different now. I don’t long for this like I used to. My dream has changed. My heart has changed. I still hope to bear a child some day, just not right now. Instead, I dream of seeing his/her face for the first time, of traveling to get them, our first meeting, holding him/her, of learning their heritage…

I am still just as happy for my friends when they announce their pregnancies and deliver their babies. I just didn’t think it was ever possible to take away (or suppress) my longing to bear children, for this season. But it is. It just further confirms that adoption is His path for us right now.

I am so thankful how God has changed my heart for such a time as this.