love, love, LOVE this!



… like most days,

 I’m thinking of our uga-babe(s).

it wasn’t part of Eden

I have expressed before my passion for adoption. But, if I really dig deep, deep down I hate that it even exists. What I’m trying to say, is that I hate the circumstances that happen that make adoption necessary, or even an option to be considered.

I don’t believe that adoption was part of God’s original plan. Before you think, whoa nelly! I can’t believe you are writing this!, let me feebly attempt to explain my heart (and hopefully not offend anyone in the process)…

When God created the world, man and woman (Adam and Eve), and the Garden of Eden, it was paradise on Earth. Perfection. Without sin. Wholeness in its complete form. And only love… pure love for one another and the Father. There was awe-struck delight and respect for the Creator God; Complete intimacy. And it was good.

Then sin, ugly sin, entered the world with the Fall; with that bite that would forever change the world. Shalom was interrupted and shame and brokenness entered Eden… and so, the family unit became destructible, our bodies became mortal and broken (i.e. death takes our loved ones, and fatal diseases and infertility exists), poverty became possible (needs are no longer met), and our intimacy with the Father was destroyed…

… And, so enters the need for the Cross, by where grace and mercy reside. Redemption was born…

For both the orphan and the childless, adoption is redemptive. It is God’s redeeming love. The provision of family and second chances. It is turning pain and sorrow into joy, and mourning into dancing; Taking what was once broken, and making it whole; Taking the ashes and transforming them into beauty. Unimaginable beauty. And restoring shalom.

No, adoption was never intended by God. Families were designed to remain together forever with both a mom and a dad who love each other and their children; a world by where children would be raised in their family and country/culture of birth, and procreation would abound. But, neither was sin (intended). Only perfection, love, and unity were to be.

Yet, God is a god of compassion and justice. He took upon himself our sin and died in our place. He is the father to the fatherless and the husband to the widow. He is a protector over his creation- his beloved children. The Creator God is in the business of restoration and transformation. A God of hope, turning impossibilities into possibilities.

He makes all things beautiful. He makes all things new.


(*Disclaimer… 1. I’m by no means implying that infertility is due to sin in a person’s life. 2. Nor am I implying that my child was birthed out of sin and brokenness. Adoption is a huge part of our child’s story and it is never something to be ashamed of. 3. We are not “rescuing” our child(ren) through adoption, God is the only one who has the power to save!) :)