growing in my {our} heart…



wait listed!

Six months from application, the paper phase is COMPLETE!! Hallelujah! :)

Tim took the day off so we could drive to Eugene together to hand-deliver our dossier to our agency (after making a bazillion copies at Kinkos) :).

In the adoption world, this means we are now officially…


Next step: DTU (Dossier to Uganda)!!


We got home today from a weekend in Bend and, to our complete SURPRISE, we found THIS in our mailbox!!!…


We were not really expecting it, as it had only been TWO WEEKS! We had been told that approval can take anywhere from four to eight weeks (let’s face it, nothing ever moves fast with the government) :-). This means that the U.S. has okayed us to immigrate a child from outside the country. Thanks “Uncle Sam!” :)


Here is a picture of our “excited faces” (and scary eyes) haha!

This is our last document needed for our dossier!! WAHOO!

happy easter, kiddos!

Your easter gift this year was bought from an organization that seeks to comfort children, provide sustainable employment for mothers and young women in Uganda and raise funds to build a future maternity center in Jinja. With the purchase of a bunny, a ‘twin’ bunny is sent to a child in Uganda on Christmas Day. Pretty neat, huh? :)

Love you, little one(s)!!