to my daughter on mother’s day

Dear K—,

Today is Mother’s Day.

Although you are often in my thoughts, and so very much in our hearts, I have been thinking most especially of you today.

For you, baby girl, have made me a MOTHER this year! And although you are not yet here with us physically, you are very much ours in EVERY.SINGLE.WAY. And we are YOURS. You have a family. You have a momma. You belong.

We are family.

So today, on Mother’s Day,

1. I am thankful for your birth mother who gave you LIFE.

2. I am thankful for your foster mother who is caring for you until we can.

3. I pray that your foster mother is showing you the book we made you, and reminding you that your mom and dad are coming for you. Soon. And that their hearts are bursting with love for you!

Because today, this mother is missing her DAUGHTER.

Love, Momma


First Mother’s Day bouquet from my sweet husband :)


Four generations of daughters!