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happy birthday!!

A week ago, yesterday, you turned TWO baby girl!!

~ June 10, 2013 ~


Our verse for you: Psalm 139: 13-16
You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

It’s taken me a whole week to sit down and write about your birthday. YOUR special day. I think I’ve been avoiding this post because it it only reminds me that we aren’t there and you’re not here. You see, we REALLY wanted to be in Uganda by your second birthday. We wanted to meet you in your birthday month. We wished, hoped, and prayed to be there by now!! We just LONG for you, sweet girl! So we are disappointed to say the least.

But let me tell you, daughter of mine, we CELEBRATED YOU that day!!!

I made the Zimmerman family birthday tradition of “mashed potatoes and dirt” in place of birthday cake. You’ll come to love this dessert in the birthdays ahead, just like your mommy. :)

I brought it over to your Grandma and Grandpa Z’s and we celebrated you with them and your Great-Grandma Zim. We sang you Happy Birthday and your Grandpa Z prayed a special birthday blessing over you. We pray for a tender heart for the Lord and years of walking in love with Him. And we pray you HOME, sweet girl!!

Oh how I just long to hold you in my arms. To wrap my arms around your neck. To kiss that beautiful face of yours.

This wait, its HARD. Its tough having a big piece of our hearts across the world. To have you, OUR CHILD, in another country growing without us with each passing day. I want to see your growth, your changes. We have already missed so much!

And yet, our Uga-babe, I must tell you something. And I don’t want you to ever forget it, okay?

~ Your Heavenly Father is NEVER late; he is ALWAYS on time ~

I recently read this truth from a fellow adoptive momma’s blog, and it has ministered to my heart so much during this season of waiting and longing for you.

You see, NONE of this is a surprise to God. NONE of this is outside what He wills. He knows the exact day that you will become one of us. An Alexander. And it will not be a moment too soon, or a moment too late.

To this truth, my daughter, we CLING.

Oh how we love you so much!! I can’t express the love your daddy and I have for you. We are beyond grateful for you. And just think, baby girl, this love we have you is only a fraction of the Lord’s heart for you! You mustn’t forget that either, baby girl.

Each time I look at your picture, my heart is so full of gratitude and thanksgiving. I am so humbled that we GET to be YOUR mommy and daddy! God is so so so good. He gives such perfect gifts to His children.

Love, Momma and Daddy

IMG_7534 2

Your little birthday gift that we sent to Uganda :)