{ our love story }

Boy meets Girl one summer at church camp. Boy repairs the roof of the cabin that Girl is staying in that summer. Boy tells Girl many funny stories. Girl laughs at his silliness. Summer ends and Girl and Boy return to school.

Seven years pass.

Then God allows their paths to fatefully cross once again when Girl ends up moving to Boy’s hometown to begin her nursing career. Boy hears of this and looks Girl up. They reconnect over dinner and a friendship begins to grow. Girl is drawn to Boy’s optimism, humor, and joy for life. Boy is drawn to Girl’s love for the Lord, beauty, and ambition. Boy begins to pursue Girl, but he is soon sent off to war. Girl doesn’t know if and when she will see Boy again.

Girl begins to miss Boy’s companionship and conversation. So Girl writes Boy a letter in a coffee shop. Boy also writes Girl a letter from the desert. Neither know the other is writing. Six weeks turn-around for the sending and receiving of letters. She shares her days and he shares his adventures. Lots of waiting and anticipation. Both Boy and Girl’s hearts begin to change and grow. Over 25+ letters each, a love is born.  Girl prays for Boy’s protection, eagerly anticipating his return home.  Boy tells his buddies he is going to marry that Girl when he comes home, and Girl has known no other love.

Six months later, Boy providentially returns home early!! Girl ties a yellow ribbon in the yard with a single yellow rose in hand. Boy meets Girl in his fatigues with a bouquet of flowers. Home at last… and finally together… there are no words!

They share their first kiss three weeks later on the beach (Boy is Girl’s very first kiss)! Over the next six plus months Boy and Girl officially court as the love and respect continue to grow…

Then on February 2, 2004 Boy puts Girl on a Mission Impossible scavenger hunt with her twin. That night, after a private dance and dessert under candlelight, on bended knee, Boy asks Girl to be his wife. Girl wants nothing else…

Boy and Girl become One on September 18, 2004, promising their lives to each other for His glory.

And so began His story of Us

…Our happily ever after…


3 thoughts on “{ our love story }

  1. Had not heard or read your story before. I love this! You share your heart so well with words on paper (or computer screen) :) Thank you for sharing. I am so blessed because of it.

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