not rwanda

I have recently learned that the Rwandan government has officially stopped accepting new applications for inter-country adoptions and slowly down considerably. They have been headed this direction for a couple of months now for Hague Accreditation. So, in a nutshell, I have taken this as a closed door and am stopping all my research into Rwanda. And yet, I am so pleased to hear that the Rwandan government wants to do things right and ethical in the interest of the children. Kudos! :)


impatient :)

Oh, there are moments when my heart gets so anxious to start the process to our own!! These moments are increasing with each passing day. I am learning to trust in God’s timing and to be patient. It will happen in His time. And that will be perfect. Perfect for us as a couple and where God will have us at that time. Deep down I don’t want to rush into it before its the right time. I want what’s best for our family, for our children. Its just so hard to wait when everything in me is longing, yearning. When I know that this is how God wants us to start our family.

He makes all things beautiful, in His time.