going public!

Our next {lifelong} adventure is …


After nearly 8 years of just “Us” (and lovin’ it!), we are now longing for our own. :) We have sought His direction for what that looks like for our family for a good while now, and– through LOTS and LOTS of prayer, research, and counsel (along with waiting and WAITING until we were stateside again)– God has laid on our hearts a very deep desire to ADOPT first!!

We are ECSTATIC to finally share that we are in the process to our own in UGANDA!!

We have recently been placed on the wait list (since April) to be matched with a boy/girl or siblings, ages 0-3 years!
We understand that this journey can take many, many months, and sometimes years. Yet, we trust in God’s perfect timing and eagerly wait for the child(ren) He will entrust to us.

Did I mention that we CAN’T WAIT to be PARENTS?!!!

We invite you to join us on our Journey to our Own: walk with us, pray for us, wait with us, and rejoice with us!

To read more about this decision and our heart for adoption, please click on the above tabs: Our heart and The pearl of africa.

He makes all things beautiful in his time.  Ecclesiastes 5:18

~ Tim and Hannah ~



Our dossier should be arriving in Kampala any day now. :)

So… now we wait and wait for that happy day when we finally get to “see” your sweet face(s)…

sharing with family

We recently shared the BIG, exciting news to our family with a little bag that contained these:

The bib “said it all”…

We are expecting from Uganda!!

We gave them each a key chain of Africa as a visual reminder to pray for you. The prayer card lists personal prayer requests over you as we wait for you… your family is praying you HOME, sweet one(s)!!

Then we took a picture of each of your grandparents, aunts, and uncles with their very special message for you right after they heard of you!! We are so gracious that our family has embraced this journey and shares in our JOY! These photos are for your life book…

~ Your Mimi and Uncle Jason ~

~ Grandpa and Grandma Z. ~

~ Grandpa and Grandma A. ~

~Your Great-Grandma Zim ~ 

oh how I hope and pray that you will get to meet her!!

Your Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim, and Tia Maria (out of town and not pictured) were SO excited to hear about you!! (messages to come) :)

You are already SO LOVED!!! ALL of us can’t wait to meet YOU!!