one more down

Just finished readingĀ Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian families and Churches.



My heart is bursting with anticipation and excitement!

Tim and I are BOTH talking more SERIOUSLY about adoption! Like WHEN we can apply and start the process upon our return home, getting a homestudy, etc. We are dreaming, talking, researching, talking, researching… this heart is FULL! :)

The other day we skyped our dear friends, the Bridens, who first introduced us to international adoption when we met them in 2007.

We got to share our hearts for adoption. And learn from their story and insight.

I am looking again into UGANDA right now! And we are more drawn to this country. I can’t explain it. In fact, it was the first country that sparked my interest when I first began really researching back in 2009. Holt had started the program in 2008, but wasn’t accepting new families until all the pilot families were completed. I remember being disappointed. They have recently reopened their program!!!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now with all the agencies out there. I am doing even more online research :) Its such a HUGE decision!! I just want to make the right one.

My prayer every day is that God will CLEARLY reveal to us in HIS time the country our children are from and what agency we will use to bring them home.