my dream

A couple nights ago I had a dream.

I was snuggling with my son. He was African and was about two or three years old. His name was Samuel. Not sure why his name was Samuel, except that growing up that was the name I chose for a son. :)

Anyways, we were getting ready to lay down together for a nap, when my twin sis came in. I said, “Samuel this is Mimi.”

Mimi is short for Naomi, my twin sis. It is her nickname she and I decided on years ago; the name my children will one day call their aunt.


one less

Right now we are living on land in Sierra Leone as part of the advance team, preparing the way for the ship’s arrival in February.

Tonight we went out to dinner with a couple who adopted their daughter as an infant in Sierra Leone. I was eager to learn more about them and their story of adoption from in-country.

God is so good! What a testimony of His work and orchestration of interweaving His children. Another story of love.

They are so blessed to know their daughter’s birth mother and family, have pictures, a letter, and witnessed her birth into this world.

I couldn’t help but think how most likely we will not have much, if any, information on our children’s birth family. I am saddened for this, knowing how difficult this will be one day for them when they want to know.

Lord, give us just what we need… the words, for just the right moments.