{ our dream }

Like many, we dream of a world where there is no pain and suffering, hunger or poverty; Where men of all nations live in peace, not war. In our dream there is no such thing as orphanages or foster care, for families are not broken but whole.

We dream of our home filled with laughter, love, and simplicity; Where the door is always open and you can be yourself. May it be a place of rest and solace.

We dream of our children, a transracial family, who are united by love and acceptance in the richness of family. Like Dr. King, we desire that only their character is placed on the seat of judgment by man. For, dear ones, you were made in His image; God’s masterpiece. May you be proud of who you are and your rich dual heritage. Our deepest prayer is that one day you will choose a life with Christ, emulating his heart and seeking to bring him glory.

May you not be satisfied by the things of this world, or even disheartened by it. But, rather, be uncomfortable enough to be moved to change it! Oh, may you see the world beyond the borders of our country and love the nations!… The world and His Word is your greatest classroom. And yet, do not let the world conform you, little ones, but be transformed by what Christ is doing in and through you. We desire that you put your trust and hope in Christ alone. Boast only in Him.

May you believe you can reach for the stars, and have the courage to do it! Trust your heart and follow His whisper.  May your heart love as He loves, and your heart break for the things that break His. I wish for you not happiness, but joy; the joy that is found in a heart that beats after Him. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

We dream of Africa. Of returning for our children. And then again someday with them. We dream of walking the dusty roads again, the smell of food cooking off the street, the sound of music and laughter, and the taste of fresh coconut on our lips.

We dream of living a life in service to our Lord, where ever He leads us.

We dream of growing old together… and yet long for Jesus and Heaven.  Oh how we anticipate His glorious return!


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