nothing is wasted

These last couple of weeks have been especially hard since we had expected to be in Uganda right now.

Its SO easy to focus on all the time that we’ve lost. The things we’ve missed. Moments that which we’ve not partake. Memories taken away before they were ever given. My heart deeply aches and grieves for those years lost in my daughter’s life.

And then I’m reminded, once again, that NOTHING in this world happens without my Father’s knowledge. The very One who placed each star in the sky, placed each hair on my head, and who’s voice will calm a raging sea Knows, Wills, and Allows any and EVERYTHING to take place each second in Time. NOTHING is an accident or surprise to Him. Do I REALLY believe this? Do YOU believe this?  Friends, trust is what gives me the strength to keep waiting. I HAVE to believe in His sovereignty. Clinging to the truth that God is in control; that He’s got this, is my hope and reason to press on. Just when I think I can’t wait any longer, I am again reminded that it is He that carries this daughter of my heart. And He carries me.

God is teaching me SO much in this journey to our sweet girl. Lately, He’s taught me that its not so much about the destination as it is the journey. You see, my mama heart is so focused on meeting my daughter and having her home and a part of this family. My eye is on the prize. I’m pretty sure this is normal and even okay. But, I think God is more concerned about the road ALONG THE WAY. Yes, He wants my girl to become a daughter. God takes great delight in Family. But, its in the journey that fruit is bore; where by which refinement is at its greatest; and we’re a step closer to holiness. Its in the journey that we become a little more like Him; likeness to the One who’s image we bear. For isn’t that what this life is all about?

I take great solace in believing that before our girl even breathed her first breath, He knew, willed and ORDAINED that it wouldn’t be until nearly her third year of life, that she would become ours and we would be hers. This is best. For her. And for me. It doesn’t mean its pain-free. I can tell you how it hurts. But in my hurt, I must not lose sight of His GOODNESS.

ALL things happen for good.

Even the time and years before she is mine.



You are loving, You are wise
There is nothing in my life You cannot revive
You are loving, You are wise
There is nothing too hard for our God

Nothing is wasted
You work all things for good
Nothing is wasted
Your promise remains
Forever You reign


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