Today our feet were supposed to finally touch African soil again! We were supposed to arrive in Uganda today.

But all that changed on Monday.

Just TWO DAYS before we were to board the plane, we received a call from our agency that the judge in Uganda had cancelled our court date due to a back log in cases. We were stunned! Shell-shocked! Our tickets had been bought, our bags were nearly packed, and our hearts were set on meeting our daughter just days away. We are devastated!! Our hearts are heavy, and SO disappointed in this unexpected change in plans.

We have spent the last few days trying to process this detour and (yet another) delay in our journey. Our hearts are grieving what was to be. There is so much we don’t understand. It hurts so much.

We don’t know what’s next. We wait once again for a new court date… How much more time will pass before we meet? Why is this journey such a struggle??

My immediate thought was that we are being attacked. The Evil One does not want to see an orphan become a daughter. For he delights in pain and brokenness. He thrives on division and does not want to see unity, and the birth of a family. Above all, he does not want this child to hear about Jesus and become a child of the King. Friends, God is not the only one at work in this world.

I am reminded that the only constant in this life is Jesus. He NEVER changes. The only thing we can rest our hope in that will never fail or disappoint, is Him. In just weeks, the gift of a court date, was stripped from us. Taken away. We felt like a rug had literally been pulled out from underneath us. The fall was great. And yet, nothing, NOONE can take God away from me or you. He will never leave, disappoint, or forsake. The Lord gives and takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.

We may be shaken and beat down, but our hope has not been destroyed.  It sill hurts. Oh man, this pain is great and deep! But our hope remains in Him. We will NOT give up. We will continue to fight for her. We will press on until our daughter is home. We WILL come for her.

I take solace in trusting that there IS purpose in this delay. I don’t know what it is yet. But nothing happens outside of His will. This was not a surprise to God. He knew. And yet He also grieves with us.

God is not yet finished writing our daughter’s story in Uganda.

There is more to be written.

(I made the following video after hearing the devastating news. I felt the urge to do something… making this for her was salve on the wound and therapy to my soul.)



One thought on “detour

  1. My goodness, I can not even imagine. Praying for you guys! We’ve had some serious “Really?! C’mon God, really?” Moments over the past few months since living here, and a good friend of mine reminded me to pray for what you need in the moment. “Grace for today God. Grace for 5 minutes God.” Praying for peace and grace and FAVOR with that judge for you guys! <3 from Africa!

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