one year

November 2nd was a particularly special day for us.

Because that day, exactly one year ago, we saw the face of our daughter for the very first time!

We became parents that day.

God had gifted us with a beautiful 17 month old little girl.

Oh, I remember the ecstasy. We were overjoyed! On top of the world :) You can read that post here.

One year ago, our hearts fell head over heels for a girl half-way across the world in Uganda, Africa!

Love was born.


Now, one year has come and gone, and although you’re not home and here with us yet, our love for you continues to grow with each passing day.

And it is because of our love for you, that this day is also painful for us.  For where there is great love, there is great pain. It reminds us not only of the gift God has given us in you, but of your {big} absence. You see, according to my heart’s burning desire/deepest prayer/and highest hope, you were supposed to already be here. Be home. With us.

But I’m not the one writing your story. God alone is.  And the great Author is not finished with writing your pages in Uganda, and our pages (or more like, chapters:) ) in Trust and Waiting. He has yet to write the part where your page meets mine. Oh the glory! The joy to come! Know this, Uga-babe, His story is ALWAYS better.

So, Baby Girl, until then, know we love you with every ounce of our being.

We have not and will not give up on you. We are committed. You are ours and we are yours.

We are fighting for you; and HE, your Heavenly Father, is fighting for you/for us/for this family that He is, even now, weaving together.



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