it’s a GIRL!!!!

Our Uga-babe is a GIRL!  We have a DAUGHTER!


It’s so surreal to write those words, and my face and heart can’t stop smiling! :) We got THE CALL last Friday, and have been privately relishing in the news with each other and our family this week. We are still reverently in-awe that we are PARENTS! We were expecting to wait many more months… oh how we are so overwhelmed by His gracious timing, friends! Our Uga-babe is perfect. Our hearts are so FULL.

Our baby girl turned 17 months YESTERDAY!  And oh my goodness, she is beautiful!… she has the most gorgeous brown eyes and lashes, and the fullest cheeks. Oh sweet goodness, her cheeks are chubby! I CAN’T WAIT to spend a lifetime kissing them! We LOVE that her tribal/proverb name means Grace. We are smitten, folks. :)

We want to thank those of you who have been praying for us thus far and for praying for our Uga-babe. God’s fingerprints are all over her story. Yet, our journey has only just begun in a lot of ways… please continue to pray for our sweet GIRL and her heart, a SPEEDY court date (we’ve been told it can take 6-8 months!), and PATIENCE and endurance as we wait once again. Now that we know who our Uga-babe is, it takes everything we have to not hop on the first plane back to Africa! We would LOVE to, once again, be on the shorter end of this next stage of waiting… This momma dreams of celebrating with her on her 2nd birthday!!

Thank you for rejoicing with us! We are blown away at God’s INDESCRIBABLE gift to us… and so humbled that He has chosen US… She is immeasurably MORE than we could ever ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20)

(And just for kicks, a fun picture… we are ready to “jump” into parenthood!) haha! :)

p.s. (Thanks to Auntie Stacy for taking the photos!)

Love, h & t